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Here at Teaching Growth we welcome students eager to learn of all ages! We specialize in test preparation for the ASVAB, TEAS, ACT/SAT. We make sure that the test preparation is tailored to your learning to ensure amazing results

Students who find themselves struggling with reading, writing, math, and other basic skills may find that their struggles continue through high school and college if they don’t get help in learning the fundamentals. That’s why as a parent, you need to work with one of the various tutoring services in San Antonio to get your student the help they need. These tutors can assist with a wide variety of classes and are available online throughout the day and evening, so you can find assistance whenever you need it.

Why Use an Online Tutoring Service?

By working with an online tutor, you don’t have to worry about finding a tutor, checking their references, or finding a place they can work with your child. Everything is done online, including scheduling the session, the session itself, and payment. Many parents may find this option more convenient since they don’t need to take their child anywhere, nor do they have to invite a stranger into their home or have an area where the tutoring can take place.

This is also very helpful if your child needs help in several subjects. One tutor may not be comfortable tutoring in all of them, so your child can work with an expert in each subject.

Keep Up to Date on Your Child’s Tutoring

With online tutoring, you are able to keep up with your child’s progress and tutoring sessions by logging in to the parent section of the tutoring website. This lets you look at your child’s tutors, their availability, notes they’ve left, and much more. You won’t have to wonder what the tutoring session covered or if the tutor has identified things your child needs to work on since it’s all right there. You can set up the next tutoring appointment, manage billing, and look back at past sessions as needed. You have access to all of the information you need when you need it.

See Your Child Grow and Gain More Confidence

When your child doesn’t understand their assignment, they’re likely to begin disliking the entire subject. This can impact their education for years. For example, someone who doesn’t understand math begins to hate it, which in turn means they stop trying to do well in the subject. Tutoring will help them understand these subjects before they start to hate them and give up trying. Instead, you’ll see them grow and become more confident in their skills. Once they fully understand their lessons, they may even decide to continue studying these challenging subjects in college and follow a career path where they will use these skills daily.

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If your child is having difficulties in a subject, don’t wait to find them the help they need. Click here to learn more about our online tutoring services in San Antonio and to register for a free trial session.

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